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Ultrasound Cleaning Machine

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Ultrasound Cleaning Machine

High-Frequency Cleaning Tool for Jewelry, Glasses, and More.

Introducing SonicClean™, the ultrasonic cleaner that effectively and gently cleans your glasses, watches, jewelry, dentures, makeup brushes, and other small parts within 3 minutes. Our technology uses ultra-high frequency waves to create thousands of tiny air bubbles that thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of your items through vibration, preventing scratches and avoiding expensive repairs.


SonicClean™ is not only effective but also antibacterial. Studies have shown that glasses can harbor thousands of different species and genera of bacteria. Still, our technology can dissolve even the tiniest micro-particles, such as germs and bacteria, leaving your items hygienically clean. Its also multifunctional and easy to use. Simply fill the tank with water and a dash of detergent, put your items in, and push the button. The automatic shut-off timer ensures safety and convenience. The product comes in a sleek white design with a plastic and aluminum material composition and is powered by USB.

Choose SonicClean™ for a thorough, gentle, and hygienic cleaning experience that can prolong the life of your items.

7 REASONS To Use SonicClean™

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Ettie Cummings

Not as effective as advertising
It's inconvenient because of the dry
One-time use after not

Emily Kuphal

Works well on glasses. Saw no effect on silver jewelry. It is quite loud and makes my entire table shake- not sure whether that is normal.

Kelvin Hirthe

I don't think I would buy this product if I had tried it first, it does clean some dirt off but it does not come out looking nice and shiny. I left it in for 5 minutes to start as per the instructions and ended up putting it in for half an hour with some dish washing liquid. Product is as described and goes well.

Theresa Murray

This is definitely a good cleaning. If you wash the glasses with this one, it will be compared to just wipe them with a glasses wipe.

Sedrick Toy

Equal to photo



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