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Harvtic™ Winter Pet Plush

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Harvtic™ Winter Pet Plush

The ultimate in cozy comfort for your furry friend!

We understand the importance of keeping your dog warm and comfortable during the chilly winter months. That's why we've created Harvtic™ Winter Pet Plush- a plush, luxurious dog bed that doubles as a warm and snuggly cave.


But the Harvtic™ Winter Pet Plush isn't just about warmth - it can also help calm your dog's anxiety. The pushy material and cave-like cover creates a safe and secure environment that can help ease your dog's worries and fears. It's the perfect solution for dogs that get anxious during thunderstorms, fireworks or owner separation.

✅ EASES ANXIETY: Raised rims that "protect" your dog which has a positive effect on your dog's nervous system calming their sensory behaviours and providing comfort when they need it.

✅ DRUG-FREE REMEDY: Natural remedy that reduces stress for separation, Thunderstorms, Fireworks, Travel, Vet visits, loneliness, and reactivity. 

✅ REDUCES VULNERABILITY: Luxurious faux fur that mimics that of their mothers mentally triggers safety and reduces the sense of vulnerability. Reducing stress on their heart and mind, calming and relaxing them. 

✅ EASE PAIN & CORRECTS POSTURE: Raised rims that support your dog's neck and spine for the duration of their sleep bundled with premium soft cotton to reduce muscle and joint pain.

✅ STYLISH: No longer an eyesore, our minimalist design, and sophisticated colors ensure our beds blend into the style of your home. 

✅ PET-SAFE: Anti-bacterial faux fur and durable nylon combine to create a comfortable and hygienic place for your dog to sleep.

✅ MACHINE WASHABLE: Wash and dryer friendly to eliminate pet odors and excess hair quickly and easily. Note - Please dry immediately after washing to prevent the fur from matting.

✅ ATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If something is wrong with your order, you can quickly contact our helpful customer support team to get a refund.


Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Kristen McFatridge

We used this for our cat when we brought her home from the rescue. It gave her a safe place to curl up and decompress and she still is using it as her comfort spot

Roger morse

It's better than the product description. My cat loves it.


I ordered two and the "sisters" love the beds. I ordered two more for the other two cats and they refuse to use them. Go figure. The beds are toasty warm and two cats spend most of their day asleep in the beds. I don't know if these can be laundered and, if so, how they will fare. Good value even if I have to order replacements.


Took her no time to burrow in and get comfy. Definitely worth the purchase!


This product is exactly as described. Super soft, plushy, and very well-made. The cushion inside is super soft and comfortable. Very cold here in the east, I pop it in the dryer for a few minutes and its super warm. Jack loves it! Hes a 7 pound Yorky and size medium was perfect for him.



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